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Give Your Life A Haircut

It's recommended that a woman get her hair cut approximately every six weeks. Seems a little excessive, but removing the dead ends allows your hair to be healthy and vibrant, which is what we should all strive for... for our hair, relationships, career, mental health—LIFE!

So how often do you give your life a trim? I'm talking: leaving a toxic relationship (platonic or romantic), quitting a job that doesn't make you happy, setting boundaries for YOU. Most people don't. Most people get comfortable, scared of taking a leap towards the unknown, stuck in the cycle of complacency because it's easier than change and uncomfortable conversations. 

I have friends (shocker, I know)—a couple whom I absolutely adore. The husband is a couple years wiser than us gals, and as we'd sit around the kitchen with our glasses of wine talking about the latest, he would always say: "Why are you still friends with them? Why do you put up with all the drama? You're wasting too much energy on them."

And we'd always respond with something along the lines of: "It's not that simple. We feel bad. They mean well. We've been friends forever. We can't just stop being friends with them..."

You know what I learned? He was right. It is that easy. The only thing you should feel bad about is giving away your time and energy so carelessly. Who cares if you've been friends forever? Do you get a trophy for that? No. People evolve and friendships change (and if you're not evolving, that's a separate conversation...).

When parts of your life become dead and they no longer serve you, it's crucial that you give your life a haircut. CUT THAT ISH OFF!! Then walk away a new, refreshed version of you (and don't spend the next six weeks wishing you still had long hair). 

The beauty of giving your life a haircut is that it creates room for growth:

Relationships (Platonic and Romantic): When you stop surrounding yourself with people who gossip, make you feel left out, stress you out, or put you down, you'll be surprised to find how many people start walking into your life who love you, support you and build you up. Important: find mutually respectful and honest relationships that create space for both of you to become the best version of yourselves.
Career: Whether you love corporate America or the idea of entrepreneurship, make sure you're doing something you're passionate about for a company who appreciates you. Repeat that. Not to be cliche, but life is literally too short for you to be working a job you dread, or for a boss who doesn't value your worth. We often don't realize how emotionally, mentally and physically draining it is to draaagggg your ass to a job you hate every day. Quit. You'll find a better job and a happier mindset. 
Setting Boundaries: This should actually be number one because it's the most important—and usually when you successfully set boundaries for yourself, relationships and careers tend to follow suit. Your tolerance for unhappiness significantly decreases. You can't control others, they will always treat you based on their experiences. What you can control is how you receive, process and move forward. Understanding what you're willing to put up with and how you're willing to be treated, and then continuously enforcing those boundaries, ensures that you're moving forward in the direction that is serving you. 

"What does 'serving me' mean?" Well, think of when you're at a restaurant and the server sets down a delicious plate of food in front of you. You're excited, full, and happy. Life should constantly be serving you your favorite plate of food, making you excited, full and happy. Settling for the dead ends in your life is like going to Olive Garden on a busy Friday night and the server forgot to put in your order three hours ago. Not even breadsticks make it to the table, but you continue to sit there upset with the situation... It's just all around terrible.

What are you afraid of? What reason or excuse is so important that you would settle for mediocrity? I know that giving your life a hair cut can seem scary. Honestly, it is. You'll probably have some tough conversations and potentially hurt some feelings, but I promise you it's 100000% worth it. It's cathartic and freeing.

Look, this isn't to say you'll never have a bad day ever again in your life (don't come back to me in 6 months and be like bUt PaIgE, I bRoKe Up WiTh HiM aNd Im sTiLl SaD). Yeah, that might happen; but one day of sadness is still better than a lifetime of toxicity. Plus, if you're still fixated on something from the past, whatever higher power you pray to will reciprocate your energy. Focus on growing yourself and your present blessings and I guarantee that energy will be matched with the right opportunities.

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