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Meet Our Team

Welcome to the MCREY fam! When we say fam, we really mean it—we're one big happy family (most of the time). We love to adventure and explore together on weekends and pack your orders during the week. If your order gets delayed, it's probably because we ended up bickering about the proper way to fold a shirt and then had to walk away (just kidding... kinda).

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The Founders


Paige McReynolds
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Some of my favorite things: Charley Boo Boo Bear, desert rides, lake days, snowboarding, country music, Beat Bobby Flay, leopard print, ranch dressing

Some of my least favorite things: mouth smackers, runny egg yolks, heavy metal music
Kelly B. McReynolds
Co-Founder, Chief Branding Officer

Some of my favorite things: Charley Boo Boo Bear, desert rides, fishing, skiing, Dolly Parton, thrift store finds, pineapples, psychology & research

Some of my least favorite things: petty crockers, cold pop tarts, lumpy pillows


The Pit Crew

Keith “Chief” McReynolds — VP, Bike Operations

Gail “Big Kitty” McReynolds — Head of Keeping Everyone In Line

Charley “Boo Boo Bear” McReynolds — VP, Treat Distribution

Ellie “Ellie May” McReynolds — VP, Barking Enforcement

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MCREY is committed to designing motox gear that women actually want to wear. What colors and prints do you want to play in? What type of fit are you most comfortable in?

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