Let's start in 1992 when a cute little baby angel named Paige was born. In 1995, she was disappointed to find out that she would no longer be an only child. *Enter Kelly* (Don't worry, they end up becoming best friends in a very happy ending.) Now back to the story.
The McReynolds sisters were ying and yang—Paige being sassy and independent, while Kelly was gentle and loving. There was only one thing the sisters had in common and that was their love for adventure. From an early age, they were encouraged to try anything and everything (well within reason... they weren't barbarians). They both learned to ski before they were 10, went on fishing trips with their parents, and received their first dirtbike in 2004. This is when the story gets good. 
As they continued to crash their bike into barbwire fences and roll the dune-buggy, it was apparent that they were going to need a lot of outfit changes (slightly embellished). The problem is, there were hardly any options for girls. For years they shopped in the men's section or wore the one pink outfit that was available for girls (Paige was happy, but Kelly not so much). 
Then, in September 2020 during a global pandemic, Paige and Kelly jokingly talked about what their dream company would look like... women's motocross apparel that they actually wanted to wear. They sat down at a whiteboard and within an hour had a name, a slogan and their first sketch. They knew they had something special and they wanted to share their story, their designs, and their passion for adventure with other women and girls around the world.
*Enter MCREY*

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if you could build your dream kit

MCREY is committed to designing motox gear that women actually want to wear. What colors and prints do you want to play in? What type of fit are you most comfortable in?

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