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10 Things I Love About My Sister

When two people claim to be best friends or in an amazing relationship, I think we all have been guilty of thinking, “But are they actually happy together?” It’s likely the question has been asked about Paige and I already. We claim to be best friends, sisters, and killer business partners. "But are they actually? I’ve seen them fight before." I’m sure you have (lol). 

To anyone who asks, we’re not ashamed to admit that we have the capacity to drive each other absolutely nuts. We have known each other since birth, okay? As Paige’s little sister, I know exactly where all of her buttons are and how to push them. We are also, as we’ve stated several times before, two very different individuals. But regardless of the imperfections that exist in our relationship, I can confirm that Paige and I are indeed best friends, stellar business partners, and loving sisters.

So for my blog today, out of the great appreciation I have for my sister, I thought I would post 10 (out of the thousands of) things I love about her. Hopefully it doesn't inflate her head too much ;) But she also deserves to know how incredibly wonderful of a human she is. So here we go:

  1. She makes the best pulled-chicken sandwiches and mashed potatoes you’ve ever had.
    1. ‘Nough said.
  2. If Paige has your back, you’re good for any situation.
    1. If you hit the tipping point in your friendship with Paige where you enter into her exclusive circle of people she cares about, this woman will have your back no matter what. Even if you made a horrible mistake, you can count on Paige to find the solution with you.
  3. She’s a little bit of everything.
    1. You need a dirt biking partner? Paige is your girl. You need someone to help you pick out a fabulous dress and shoes for a wedding? Paige is already in the car. You need a five-course meal by tomorrow to host the big wigs of your company? Paige has a full menu in mind and can have it done by the cocktail hour.
    2. Businesswoman? Yup. Extreme sports badass? Mhmm. Glam girl? You betcha. Shoulder to cry on? She’s there. Tough love? She’s got it. Paige is everything you could need in a person and just when you think she may have hit her limit, she breaks through and tries something new.
  4. Paige is a ‘yes woman.’
    1. Paige is down for almost any adventure. She loves living life to the fullest. So whether it’s a last-minute weekend trip to the snow, a night out on the town, or skydiving in Hawaii, you can count on her to be first in line to jump with you.
  5. She will dive into the deep depths of thought and life with you.
    1. It’s hard for me, being the introvert that I am, to find other people I connect with on this deep level—others who will think deeply about relationships, life, and the world around us. Paige is one of my safest places when it comes to these conversations. She gives me space to be my 100% authentic self and I can unveil some of my most personal thoughts around her. I don't take these moments for granted.
  6. Paige will make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
    1. There is no way to describe our humor together unless you experience it, but I feel pure bliss when Paige and I are bouncing jokes off one another. Needless to say, it’s truly an experience for the people around us. Everyone benefits from Paige's wild and witty humor.
  7. She is BOLD.
    1. If you’ve spent even three minutes with my sister, you know this. She talks with grand hand gestures, she’s on the upper end of the volume scale, she brings her head all the way back when she laughs, and her beauty is eye-catching. She calls it as she sees it and doesn’t apologize for being herself. Some people find this package of characteristics intimidating, and that’s their loss. She just isn’t afraid to let her light shine.
  8. You don’t have to worry about feeling excluded around Paige.
    1. Paige’s boldness stems from her authenticity which cultivates an environment where others feel safe to be themselves, too. She is also an amazing host and makes it a goal to ensure everyone feels comfortable and included. She loves to see everyone enjoying themselves and she doesn’t think she is “too cool” for anyone.
  9. She is genuine.
    1. Paige rarely does anything she doesn’t want to do. If she does, it’s often for someone she wants to support, or part of her plan for reaching a higher goal. So you know when she commits to something, whether it’s a trip, friendship, or business decision, she is all in. She is a 'no BS' kind of lady and I have the utmost respect for this quality in her. She honors who she is and what she wants. This creates trust within our own relationship as I know everything she does and says comes from a place of honesty and self-respect.
  10. I love to call Paige, “the whole package.”
    1. Reading the few things I love about my sister above, you have an idea of why I call her, “the whole package.” She is strong, caring, confident, thoughtful, sensitive, daring, intelligent, creative and ambitious. She is everything a good friend is and all the best parts of a sibling. She is one of my greatest idols and it’s not difficult to see why. Even with all our faults, Paige as my sister is one of the greatest gifts I could have received in this life.
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