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Why a Butterfly?

One of our favorite stories to tell is how we ended up with a butterfly logo. When we first started, we told our brand developer that we didn't want anything "too girly" such as polka dots, flowers, pink or... butterflies. It's not that we don't like those designs, we just didn't want to be categorized as a stereotypical female company, especially in the motocross industry. We wanted our brand to fit in with the rest—we want women to feel like they fit in. 

Fast forward a couple months and the MCREY logo with the handle bars was created. We liked it, but we didn't feel that it fully captured who we are nor our mission. So we sent more examples of what we had in mind and they all had one thing in common...


Turns out, the butterfly has more significance to us than we initially thought; and in hindsight, the butterfly—more specifically OUR butterfly—is the perfect logo to represent our brand. Bold, bright, beautiful and unique.

Turns out, we don't want our brand to fit in at all. WE don't fit in with traditional industry standards—and we like it that way! We want to be known as the female-owned motocross company for women. We want to be known as the two sisters who are owning our shit and changing a male-dominated industry. It still wouldn't make sense for us to have a pink butterfly with purple swirls and hearts inside of it because that's not who we are, but the symbolism of a butterfly does make sense for us in so many ways. Bold, bright, beautiful and unique.

Butterflies are actually one of the most symbolic creatures across various cultures, including Native American, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Greek. Common themes include metamorphosis and transformation, departed souls, eternal love, and companionship. No matter which one resonates with you the most, I feel like we can all relate to a butterfly in some way.

For me, it's metamorphosis and transformation. Butterflies start out as small and humble caterpillars, with no understanding of their future potential (I don't know, I guess I can't say that definitively... do you think caterpillars go through their life knowing that they haven't peaked yet; that they're going to transform into a butterfly?) annyywaaayyyy... then, there's a turning point and the caterpillar becomes unrecognizable. Bold, bright, beautiful and unique.

Kinda like me...  

Y'all are laughing but you can't honestly tell me you weren't super awkward in elementary and/or middle school. I'm talking braces, crunchy curls with straight bangs, fat Etnies with different patterned laces, tie-dyed tiger t-shirts—oh, was that just me? Don't judge... clearly it built some serious character!

Back in those days, I never would have imagined myself as a Co-Founder and CEO. I had no idea of my potential; but when we started MCREY, I feel like I fully transformed into my butterfly and now I am flyyyinnngggggg. I know I am capable of anything. Even if I don't know how to do it or where to start, I know I'll figure it out. I know I'll succeed. What an incredibly powerful and exhilarating feeling! 

This is what the MCREY butterfly represents. Bold, bright, beautiful and unique.

When people come up to our tent and say: "FINALLY a booth for women;" "I saw your butterfly from over there and knew I had to come check this out;" "Your butterfly is soooo beautiful," I know we made the right choice.

When little girls come running up to our tent screaming, "Look Daddy! A butterfly!!" I know we made the right choice. Because now, they feel like they fit in; they feel like they have a place in the motocross industry. I hope that inspires and empowers them to transform into the best version of themselves. 

Bold, bright, beautiful and unique.


Just like you.  

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