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A List of Women's Dirt Bike Events in Southern California for 2024

A List of Women's Dirt Bike Events in Southern California for 2024

In the spirit of being completely transparent, I was a little nervous to attend my first womens-only dirt bike event. Maybe it's fatigue from being in a sorority (singing cheesy songs while aggressively clapping, wearing head-to-toe matching outfits and listening to the greek alphabet in song for 10 hours straight until it's memorized) but too much "rah-rah sisterhood" can be a little overwhelming for me sometimes.

Thankfully, there were no matching pink sparkly Toms at any of the women's riding events we attended last year.

But did we sing our heart's out? Oh yeah. 

Did we clap and cheer for each other on and off the trails? Duh.

Did we match in our cute MCREY gear? You bet your ass.

Five women gathered around a dirt bike, cheering after winning a relay race. They are wearing cute women's dirt bike gear by MCREY.

Hmmm... maybe it's more like a sorority than I thought...

Anyway, back to the event! My nerves immediately dissipated upon driving through the gates. Everyone greeted us with smiles and waves. We made friends with our neighbors as we were setting up camp and invited them to join in on our endless dance parties under the light-up palm tree (we bring it on every camping trip––that's how you know the MCREY sisters have arrived!).

Two girls hanging next to a light-up palm tree at a women's dirt bike event. Babes in the Dirt 2023.

I found myself surrounded by so many like-minded moto women, and wondered how I could have ever been nervous to attend in the first place. How could I expect to find anything less than a ton of strong, supportive, badass energy?

Perhaps it's the danger factor that comes with riding dirt bikes, or the solidarity knowing that we are a small group paving the way for others; but either way, it was completely empowering and so much f*%^ing fun to ride with all chicks. 

(Don't get me wrong––we still love riding with our dudes. It's just a totally different experience.)

Five women sitting around a campsite after riding dirt bikes at Babes in the Dirt 2023.

If you haven't attended a women's moto event yet and/or are looking to experience the same magic, we've created a list of women's events for 2024. Dates/locations will vary per year; please check event website for official details. 

  • Over and Out Moto - March 15-17 @ Fox Raceway in Pala, CA
  • Dirtastic Main Event - May 16-19, 2024 @ Jacksonville, Oregon (not SoCal obvi, but it's close enough!)
  • Babes in the Dirt - October 18-20, 2024 @ Hungry Valley SVRA (Gorman)
  • Women's Dirtbike Training Academy - this is a Facebook group for women riders! They regularly host women's riding events at local tracks like LACR.
  • We hosted our first women's campout last year, and plan to host many more women's riding events/campouts throughout the year. Follow us on Instagram @mcrey_mx or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates!

If you know of any other women's events in Southern California (or close by) that we should add to the list, comment below!

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