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New Year, No Resolutions

I've been sitting here thinking about what to write—something inspiring about how I've set big resolutions for the new year and are going to implement those to make myself and MCREY the best ever... blah blah blaaaahhhhhhh.

But honestly, I've got nothing. 

I'm not setting big new year's goals and/or resolutions this year because I don't need to.

And before you start thinking how pompous and conceited that is, hear me out: I work on myself every day. I set goals to be better all of the time. I don't wait for one day a year. 

What—you'll go crazy binging on whatever you told yourself you can't have right up until 12/31; then starting 1/1 you'll completely remove it from your life? For me, that would just increase the desire to want whatever it is even more. Plus, if you truly want to make that specific change in your life, why not do it on the day you decide it needs to be your new years resolution? Why wait a month, a week, or even a day?

Perhaps it's out of fear. It seems like such a big change. You know why it seems like such a big change? You're putting the pressure of making a drastic change on one. day. Almost like if the change doesn't happen on that day, then you have to wait another 364 days to try again. 

Don't take this the wrong way, I don't condemn anyone who wants to change their life and sets goals to get there. Go get it! However, I do believe that if you set the expectation that your life will significantly alter in one day because you said so, you've already set yourself up for failure. That's too much pressure on yourself!

Start small. Start today.

You want to be more kind? Find little things you can do today to spread love. Compliment a stranger, call a loved one, pick up trash, donate or volunteer for a nonprofit. Do one of those things a day and I guarantee by NYE you'll already start to feel better. But if you think you can be the Grinch through the holidays and then suddenly turn into Cindy Lou Who on the 1st, you are delusional.

You want to lose weight? Start exercising and eating healthy right now. You want to make more money, cut out sugar, find a new job, change your relationship status—why does any of that have to wait?!

It sounds like I'm sitting on my high horse talking down to my town of peons, I know. If you're someone who is still counting on the new year to set big goals and change your life, I 100% know how you feel because I was you. I've been there.

I would make mistakes all year and get really down on myself; then at the start of the new year I would say, "That's it! No more!" Only to find myself making the same mistakes a couple months later... and even more disappointed in myself.

The thing is, I wanted to change but didn't know how. I wasn't doing the inner work to make permanent changes on the outside. So instead of staying in the same cycle, waiting for the new year, I decided to start understanding the roots of my "problems". That journey opened opportunities for change that couldn't wait until NYE, so slowly but surely I found myself making small changes every day. Before I knew it, I had made some major changes.

So what are you waiting for? Hopefully not until 12/31/22.

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