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What to Wear Dirt Biking

What to Wear Dirt Biking

What to wear, what to wear... isn't that always the question?

Riding a dirt bike, whether it be on a trail, flat land, or a track, is exhilarating, challenging and empowering. It can also be very dangerous. We don't want to deter you from learning how to ride a dirt bike, but we're also not going to sugarcoat it: you're getting on a heavy, high-powered vehicle that will throw you for a wild ride if you're not careful. That's why we wear gear—including a lot of protective gear. There's tons of different options when it comes to dirt bike gear and it can be hard to figure out what's right for you, but we're here to help our fellow female riders! We've created a list of the key gear items we wear, why we wear them, and some of our favorites.*

You can also check out our Youtube video on the same topic by clicking here!

Let's start with the head and work our way down to shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes):

1. Helmet. This might single-handedly be the most important piece of gear you wear. If you slam your head against the ground, a rock, or a tree, you want to make sure it's protected. Your helmet should be snug (you don't want it to slide around when you move your head up and down), but not squeezing your brain (if it's too tight, you'll be uncomfortable all day). 

We recommend: MX-9 MIPS by Bell. Relatively speaking, the cost is fair while still offering quality protection. If you go too cheap, or try to wear your bicycle helmet, it's not going to do you much good in terms of protection. 

2. Goggles. These protect your eyes... obviously. Whether it be weather or someone in front of you kicking up dust, you want to make sure you can see where you're going! We recommend a dual-pane lens to reduce fogging, and a thick foam layer to help absorb sweat and create a seamless seal to your face.

We recommend: Heat Wave. All of the comfort and performance you need, with the benefit of style (and you know how much we love style here at MCREY). The foam actually sits a little smaller on the face compared to other popular goggles, but it's perfect for us ladies! Anti-fog, anti-sweat, and comes with extra tear-offs if you wear them. 

3. Chest/Neck Protector. Not everyone wears a full chest/neck/back/arm protector, but we won't ride without one! This makes us feel so safe and has reduced our injuries during major crashes. Even when you're riding past a tree and a thick branch *WHACKS* you, you don't have to worry about the pain! If you don't want to wear a full protector, at least wear a neck protector... please!

We recommend: This KTM body protector is comfortable, breathable, offers all of the desired protection, and is relatively slim (as slim as a padded, protection-purpose jacket can be). 

4. Jersey. Your jersey should be a breathable, lightweight, and durable layer that allows you to ride in style with some protection from the elements. 

We recommend: MCREY jerseys. We may be a little biased, but our fabric is stretchy so it fits comfortably over any type of gear, extremely breathable (imagine a cool breeze flowing around your body on a warm day), and durable (we've crash-tested it multiple times). Once you try one of MCREY's dirt bike jerseys, you won't shop anywhere else.

5. Gloves. Protect your hands—not only from the elements (if you don't have hand guards, you're bound to get whacked by a swift-moving tree branch), but from blisters as well.

We recommend: MCREY doesn't make gloves yet (wink wink), so for now we recommend looking at companies like Fasthouse or Troy Lee Designs.

6. Pants. Motocross pants help protect your legs from not only the natural elements, but your bike as well (there are some hot pipes down there!). There are no pants that will fully protect you from everything, but there are pants designed for different types of riding. Since we mostly do trail rides, we prefer a thicker, more durable pant that's designed to withstand the natural elements like rocks, water, getting thwacked by a tree branch, and keep us warm. If you're just riding track or tend to ride on warmer days, you may want a thinner/lighter pant to give you more mobility.

We recommend: MCREY Woodland Women's Dirt Bike Pant. This pant boasts a high-waisted fit, with adjustable velcro straps to further customize the fit to your body. We put stretch panels in alllll the right places and the inside is lined with a soft mesh that helps you breathe and feel comfortable while riding. Water-resistant, extremely durable, and enough stretch panels to have you doing gymnastics on the bike. 

7. Knee Pads. Usually, your knees are one of the first (and most common) areas to hit the ground while falling. So it's important to have some sort of protection. 

We recommend: Shopping the knee protection collection at Alpinestars. You can choose between $30-$800 knee braces depending on your budget. Honestly, we don't wear anything fancy (ours are in the $50 range) and they work just fine! But we know people who wear the more expensive knee braces and brag about how comfortable they are and how good their knees feel after riding. 

8. Socks. Seems like a small detail to worry about, but think about how uncomfortable it is when your socks bunch up in your sneakers and you can't fix it right away? Magnify that x10 while you're riding a dirt bike. They also serve as a layer between your skin and your knee pads so there's no rubbing. You want socks that fit properly, don't bunch in your boots, and let your feet breathe.

We recommend: MCREY Women's Performance Moto Socks. Our socks were designed to provide you with the highest level of comfort, support and style. We use venting, moisture-wicking mesh to ensure your toes can breathe. If that's not enough, our socks offer arch support, a reinforced heel/toe, and cuff-up technology to prevent your socks from bunching. Give a pair a try and you'll never wear another pair while riding again!

9. Boots. Every piece of protective gear is important, but motocross boots are definitely at the top of the list. They offer protection against impact when you fall, the hot pipes right next to your legs, natural elements, and are literally what you use to stand on, shift gears, and brake. Needless to say, you need to find a boot that is comfortable for you because if your feet are uncomfortable, you're not going to be riding for very long.

We recommend: Once again... Alpinestars! We actually don't wear their boots (yet) but almost everyone we ride with does and loves them. When it comes to performance, protection and comfort, these boots are setting the standard. These will definitely be the next pair of boots we buy!

10. Riding Pack. This is mainly for riders who plan to do desert/trail riding (you don't need to wear a pack for track days!) since you'll be out in the wilderness for unknown periods of time. It's important to carry a phone/gps/map, water and snacks. We also carry a small toolkit and tow straps... you never know!

We recommend: The Pack Vest by WLF Enduro. This vest is made with durable AF, water-resistant Cordura fabric. It's completely adjustable and boasts multiple pockets/pouches for you to carry the necessities and stay organized. Literally the perfect vest!

For the best women's gear, shop our collection of unique dirt bike jerseys, pants & performance socks designed to get dirty.


*Disclaimer: this information is opinion-based and intended as such. Riding dirt bikes or any off-road vehicle can be dangerous and each individual participant is responsible for making decisions about the gear that best fits their needs, based on numerous factors including, but not limited to, riding ability, weather conditions and terrain. Gear such as riding jerseys, riding pants and socks are not intended to serve as protective gear. MCREY LLC is not liable for any injuries.
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